logo-small  A Leader and early implementer of GIS technology for the telecom and utilities industry. With over 12 years of delivering world class software and consultancy services to giants of the Telecom industry, UtilNet service delivery methods matured into a reference framework for integrating location based intelligence to efficiently support the day-to-day business operations of telecom and Utility companies.

Why US?


Over 30 large scaled engagements and more than 10 mega customers between different core technology services and across multiple continents.


We are not only successful implementers we are also certified instructors on the technologies and products we deploy for our customers.


We bring the best business experience to you at reasonable costs through a blend of off-shore, near-shore and onsite work.


We efficiently meld best practices, implementation methodologies, and project management styles to create an efficient project that suites the customer individually.


Situated in the heart of the ME, becoming the gateway to the three continents: Europe, Asia and Africa. A strategic location meaning shorter travel times, lower costs and high availability.


Our support goes beyond contractual obligations and can be individually tailored to clients’ needs. We can be always available through remote support on onsite support on task or resource basis.

UtilNet was established as an offshore entity and remained so till beginning of 2015 when it founded its local branch, U-Tel Networks Information Systems, to offer its services to the Jordanian Market. U-Tel was founded on the principal that it can bring about needed development in the Kingdom’s emerging fields of GIS Consulting and networks management. It is by capitalizing on the international successes of UtilNet’s projects that U-Tel aims to transform the local market with quality services and products in these fields


We cover the full picture: total business integration, network operations and business support systems, geospatial services, field survey & data collection, data shaping & migration, custom software development & productization, and knowledge transfer through standard and customized technology trainings.


We respect that not every organization has a crystal clear vision of their requirements. With our extensive experience and business understanding, we have the long term vision to help our customers identify where they need to be, then help them get there. It is at the apex of the synchronization of business processes and modern, customized information systems that we find our niche.


UtilNet is a business partner to many global entities such as ESRI, Ericsson, 3GIS, GDi, and others. Our partnerships help us jointly offer compelling value propositions to shared customers, enhance revenue streams and extend each company’s global reach and market positioning while entering new customer environments