Custom Application Development

Your business may require special application functionality requirements, be it high performance, enhanced security, large volume processing, niche market needs, or gaining first mover advantage. Off-the-shelf packaged applications may not meet your specific needs.

Whether it’s a new systems design, accelerated development timelines, reduced development costs, or exploring the latest technologies, UtilNet Services can act as a trusted partner to build the solution you need. We’ll leverage our robust methodologies, solution accelerators, and global delivery model to deliver high-quality applications on time and within budget.

UtilNet performs a coherent customization, configuration, installation and integration of software packages for supporting the new processes of operations. UtilNet Services can help:

  • Business process and technology consulting
  • Application design, development, enhancement, and testing
  • Integration of existing applications and off-the-shelf packages
  • Consolidation of applications, standardization of processes, and data
  • Project management, planning, and process support
  • Application maintenance, operational support, and hosting
  • Cloud enablement and mobile applications

UtilNet can help you understand the potential impact of development on your future inventory systems, so you avoid the upgrade “hang-over” when development is not optimally planned and executed.