Technology Training

At UtilNet we believe by equipping our clients with the tools and skills necessary to operate the system efficiently, clients will support and contribute to successful system deployment – enhancing their curiosity, creativity and through their experience they will broaden the scope of implementation based on the growing knowledge of the possibilities available to them within the system and beyond.

UtilNet offers one of the most comprehensive software training programs available. Our goal is to help every client get the best business results from their software investments with just-in-time, just-enough training solutions. We understand customer unique training needs and will ensure that the appropriate people in the organization receive the right training.  We use a hands-on learning experience in task-oriented courses that use real world examples of implementations.

Our training courses address the technical aspects and technologies behind the network itself, the technical aspects and concepts behind the solution (such as GIS and IM concepts) and the actual utilization and interaction with the software solution.