GIS Consulting & Geospatial Analysis

Our GIS and Geospatial Consulting services are aimed at enabling our clients to deploy a full-featured enterprise GIS, performing in-depth analysis, gain a greater understanding of available data and make more informed high-level decisions. We support a vast collection of industries: Utilities: Telecom, Water, Oil & Gas, Electricity, Governmental and the Military.

With GIS technology becoming more mainstream and more prominent, we go beyond the traditional deployment of GIS technology, our services focus on extending the availability of web mapping or GIS Web experience to all our clients, facilitating easy access and use of geographic information within a collaborative environment.

End-users now recognize the power of simple applications to help them get things done, and also recognize the unique capabilities that web-based GIS applications have by allowing for the integration of disparate data sets into a meaningful, readily available and very informative shape. We help our clients shape and articulate their requirements for GIS web access and we develop an effective design tailored to the needs of the end-user, with careful thought put into:

  • Efficient workflows;
  • Pleasing aesthetics;
  • Best practices in design conventions;
  • Consistency in the user experience across related applications;
  • Minimal barriers to access; and
  • Maximum performance.