Inventory & Data Management

Our Data and Network Inventory Management Services help our clients gain and create one master view of their network spanning all physical and logical resources, make informed decisions and perform accurate engineering analysis. UtilNet helped many service providers consolidate multiple legacy inventory systems, standardize to a consistent inventory model for physical and logical inventory, and convert millions of records to a single inventory management platform with more than 99 percent accuracy across the entire converted network.

Our believe is by improving data quality across network functions, service providers are able to streamline operations by automating time-consuming processes, improve responsiveness to customer requests and reduce costs, including operational costs,  by accurately documenting existing capital and avoiding unnecessary purchases and data management costs,  by eliminating duplicate data acquisition and reducing the cost of information delivery.

We begin by working closely with our clients to define their business requirements and the desired business process, and we end when the fully integrated system is running on live data. What lies in between, including; analysis, system design, system configuration and customization, data migration, system integration and training is what our diversely skilled technical team expertise covers in full with high proficiency.


Our inventory data management services are supported by a range of proven automation tools, including but not limited to:

  • Diagnostic Tools: assess network operations process areas, analyze inventory management and data quality issues, and identify performance improvement opportunities.
  • Device Modeling Tools and Techniques: standardize network device model definitions and automate model creation.
  • Data Conversion Tools: in-house developed tools to migrate inventory records from multiple source systems to target system using automation and real-time data fallout analysis.

Data Migration Services

UtilNet brings in years of cross-industry best practices to any data migration project. Data migration is a unique and complex process that requires careful analysis and planning to enable the client’s realization of business value from an inventory solution.

In order to simplify the data migration process and enable performance tuning, UtilNet envisages the use of an intermediate storage into which the data can be loaded, validated, cleaned or repaired, before it is finally loaded into the database(s) of the live target systems. All unreliable data sources fuse into one reliable, clean and complete source.

In our established, mature data migration methodology we have:

  • A systematic, structured approach, providing a roadmap for the data to follow from the original data source to the final destination passing through a staging area.
  • We have means to describe and uniformly communicate problems, solutions and,
  • We have computerized support that helps in data profiling, analysis, cleansing, conversion, and reconciliation.

Modeling Network Entities

Network documentation is built upon the notion of modelling. How you model a network entity depends on the information display and analysis your business needs and inventory system supports. Moreover, networks of service providers vary in design, technology and in components; every enterprise owns its own private collection of assets from different technologies and multiple vendors.

Realizing this, UtilNet developed a mature modeling discipline allowing for a systematic, structured approach to create computer representations of network assets and providing the means to describe and uniformly communicate standards, conventions, problems, and solutions. Our modeling discipline is supported with computer tools that speeds up the modeling process, ensures consistency, completeness, increases productivity and facilitates quality assurance, data analysis and the like.

Valuing the importance of accurate and correct modeling work to the efficiency of the inventory system, and understanding the large variety and complexity associated with modeling for the inside plant, UtilNet deploys specialized engineers to execute and supervise the modeling work to incorporate the required intelligence in the model and reflect all levels of details required by the network.

Consultancy and Support

We respect that not every organization has a crystal clear vision of their requirement, so with our extensive experience and business understanding, we have the long term vision to help our customers identify where they need to be, then help them get there. At UtilNet, we are committed to helping our clients make the best business decisions in all circumstances.

UtilNet provides Enterprise solutions to meet the business needs of leading organizations worldwide. Our consultancy services include revision of the existing business processes, development of recommendations for their reengineering in areas such as network planning, design, operation and management, information modeling of key business processes & cost and quality assessment of functions performed. Our consultancy and support services include the following to improve the performance of an operator’s workforce:

  • Process and functional requirements analysis
  • Change Management
  • Process Improvement and Management
  • Technical Support